Learn More About Liv Swanston

Learn More About Liv Swanston


Swanston is a young prospect with a number of tools that point to a bright future. Her versatility right now gives her the ability to make an impact on the court. She showed she could post up smaller defenders while also being able to handle on the perimeter. She has the skill set to finish with both hands and one on one moves to get in the lane.  The next challenge for her will be to develop one particular skill that she can count on as her go-to. Her shooting range extends out to the three point line. 

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 Learn More About Adia Brown

Learn More About Adia Brown


Adia is a young prospect that plays small forward. She is a very good athlete with speed, strength and quickness. She is a defensive wizard that can defend four positions.  Her ability to deny passing lanes and her anticipation makes her a special player.  She is an active rebounder. She has a good mid-range jump shot.  She is committed to improving her all-around game. The next big challenge for her is to improve her footwork and ball handling.

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 Learn More About Aerial Smith

Learn More About Aerial Smith


Smith is a raw talent at the point guard spot. A quick savvy player with a good handle on the ball. She has the ability to single handedly break the press and push the ball up the court. Her court vision is good and at times she makes highlight quality passes or dimes to her open teammates.  Her ability to finish layups with both hands makes her one on one skill set shine. She is solid on defense and has great anticipation on the defensive end and will block a shot or two. Her next challenge will be to improve her jump shot and rebounding.

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 Learn More About Amari Cash

Learn More About Amari Cash


Cash is a young shooting prospect with great strength and power.  An athlete with a jump shot she shoots the ball with great range.  With improved footwork and ball handling it will be very difficult to defend her better than average foot speed.  She has the ability to be a good defender on the ball, she’s also a much improved team defensive player.  The next big challenge for her will be to develop her one on one skill set, court awareness, and passing. She will soon be a well-rounded player and a tough guard.

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  Learn More About  Breanna Ettrick

Learn More About Breanna Ettrick


Ettrick is a young prospect with plenty of tools and a good skill set. Her ability to play on the post and the wing makes her a good asset on any team. She shoots the mid-range jumper at a high percentage! Her toughness and intensity is contagious and forces others around her to play harder. She is skilled in every aspect of the game. Her next challenge will be to develop as a ball handler. She will also continue to get stronger, develop her athleticism and improve her foot speed. 

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  Learn More About  Celine Kitiwage

Learn More About Celine Kitiwage


Kitigawa is a smooth, hard-nosed, consistent player. She does everything with effort and toughness. She is a post player with a soft touch and good foot work. She has a natural instinct to get to the loose ball and get big rebounds at key moments in the game. Her jump shot is smooth and reliable. Defensively she is willing to take the challenge to guard whoever. She is that player you just want on your team. Her next big challenge will be to develop her foot speed and her vertical jump.

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  Learn More About  Collette Smith

Learn More About Collette Smith


Smith is a young shooting prospect with the ability to play some point guard. Her shooting ability is of high quality she shoots with plenty of range at a high percentage. Becoming known as a zone buster she is able to spread the floor and demand a lot of attention coming off down screens. Her decision making skills and unselfish play allows her to create for her teammates on her driving moves to the basket.  The next challenge for her will be to increase her defensive production and to get physical stronger.

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  Learn More About  Jada Underwood

Learn More About Jada Underwood


Underwood is a young power forward prospect with a physical presence. Her ability to finish around the basket makes her dominant. She is a relentless rebounder. Her team defense is good. She continues to work hard on all aspects of her game, with the ability to knock down the mid range shots makes her a threat on the floor. The next big challenge for her would be to improve her footwork and add more post moves to her game.

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 Learn More About Khamari Whaley

Learn More About Khamari Whaley


Khamari a speedy point guard with relentless drives to the basket. A raw talent she plays very aggressive and intense and executes pick and roll well. She’s able to knock down the open jump shot and make open three pointers. Improving footwork and standard fundamentals will be the focus this year. She is awesome on the ball defensively creates problems for most point guards. Her defensive abilities allows her to guard three positions. The next big challenge is for her to develop her court awareness and leadership.

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 Learn More About Natalie Sibani

Learn More About Natalie Sibani


Sibani is a guard prospect with a good shooting touch. Known primarily for her three point shooting, she has established herself as one of the better ball handlers and smartest players on the court. She is the extension of her Coach on the floor. Her court awareness and understanding of spacing allows her to get those good shots that she can make.  The next big challenge for her is to develop her one on one skills and on ball defense. With her work ethic growth in her game is sure to come.

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Jewel is a well-rounded guard with great court vision, scoring ability, great shooting range, and very unselfish. She is a physical combo guard that can play the Point Guard or Shooting Guard spot.  She possesses a mental capacity for the game that you don’t find in most young players. The future of woman’s basketball looks bright with talented players like her. The next challenge for her is to utilize both hands equally and to develop a go to move.

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Reynolds is a gifted athlete with a variety of skills. She is the true definition of a point forward. Her ability to defend all positions, handle the ball, rebound effectively, finish around the basket, and shoot from the perimeter make her a valuable piece to any team. Her team first attitude is what really makes her a special player. The next challenge for her is to improve her ability to create off the dribble and improve court vision.  Her game will continue to grow and she will get better and better.

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